Happy New Year and a look back at what was

The new year is a good time to assess recent accomplishments and set goals for the coming year. For me, I’m proud that my most recent novel Storm Crows was published. Additionally, one of my short stories, Preying for the Homeless will appear in the Coffin Bell Journal this summer! I completed several other short works and finished the rough draft on my next novel that I hope will be available in 2019!

Looking ahead, I’m editing my current work, a Middle-Grade book tentatively called Dotty Morgan and the Case of the French Fry Phantom. I’ve begun to outline the second Dotty Morgan book, have a rough draft of a YA fantasy novel ready to edit, and a number of shorter works that I’m either editing or shopping. Later this month, I intend to reprint my short story, June Gloom and Golden Sand originally published in 2011 in A Year in Ink IV. Look for it here!

So let’s hear about how your art progressed in 2018 and what you hope to accomplish in 2019!

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