Dexter of Pozzelby

Pozzelby is the oldest continuously inhabited country in Ereth, boasting the largest and oldest castle anywhere.

When 13 year-old Dexter’s uncle, father, and brothers are killed in a single stroke, it is by pure chance that he is spared to take the throne of Pozzelby. But he has no time to grieve because the killers are still out there, and they still want him dead.

Dexter is forced to solve the mystery of who killed the old king, while fending off the attempts on his own life, and defending Pozzelby from a coup. And until he has answers he has almost no one that he can trust!

DEXTER OF POZZELBY is a YA Fantasy novel of approximately 94,000 words. It is available as an e-book for Kindle HERE FREE for Kindle Unlimited or $2.99 otherwise.

Get the Trade Paperback HERE for $9.99 on Amazon.

DEXTER OF POZZELBY is also serialized on Read it HERE.