Dexter is on Channillo and what to look forward to in the new year

Every new year, we tend to look back from where we came, take stock, and make hopeful plans for the year to come. In my case, last year was not great. In many ways it was downright awful. That leaves me very optimistic that the new year may surpass 2017 in every meaningful way.

One thing that I am excited about it that Dexter of Pozzelby is being serialized on The first installment was released on 01/01/2018, with a new installment every Monday until it is finished. If this goes well, I am looking to release a collection of short stories and a shorter novel, The Storm Crows, via Channillo as well.

In 2018, I have many stories for which to find homes, and even more needing to be finished or written. It is a year of great possibility!

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